The Battle
Stardate(s) 41723.9
Star Trek The Next Generation
Picard hallucinates the Battle of Maxia
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Production Code 40271-110
IMDB Ref tt0708784
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Season 1
Episode 9
Airdate 14 November 1987
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After waiting for a response to their hails for three days, Picard finds that the Ferengi have discovered the "Stargazer," an old ship that he once commanded. The Ferengi are only too willing to turn over the ship to the Federation, but, unknown to Picard, have installed a piece of equipment that induces severe headaches in Picard. Written by Moviedude1

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit


  1. Just before the Ferengi beam over, the crew is shown standing at parade rest, hands clasped behind their backs. The next shot shows them from behind, with their hands at their sides. They could easily have shifted their hands during the shot change.
  2. After the Enterprise discovers the drifting USS Stargazer, there's a space shot of the Enterprise with the Stargazer just a few hundred meters below it, but in the next space shot, the Stargazer is shown by itself with the Enterprise nowhere near it. The camera angle makes it appear the gap has increased.

Incorrectly regarded as goofsEdit

  1. The Enterprise locks a tractor beam onto the Stargazer while its shields are up. This procedure is not uncommon. What usually disrupts a tractor beam is a remodulation of the shields, not the shields themselves.

Plot holesEdit

  1. Standard procedure for a Federation ship being abandoned is to set the auto-destruct. Picard clearly didn't do this with the Stargazer, but somehow escaped official reprimand, since he's now commanding a top-of-the-line ship. Either a) the auto-destruct system was rendered non operational due to battle damage, b) there were not enough senior officers available to initiate the procedure or c) a combination of the two.
  2. DaiMon Bok transports back to his own ship from the Stargazer, but no-one can transport while the shields are up. He probably programmed the transporter systems on either the Stargazer or his own ship - or both - to transport him through the sensor windows in the shields.
  3. It's never explained how or why the Stargazer appears to be in perfect working condition when it's returned to Picard. The Ferengi repaired a lot of the damage before returning the Stargazer to Picard - see the entry on the Movie Mistakes website.
  4. It is stated later in the series that Betazoids cannot read the minds of species with uncommon brain anatomy, including the Ferengi. However, Deanna Troi is able to sense deception and evil intent on the part of Daimon Bok. She probably recognised something in the tone of Bok's voice, and the reaction to his statements from his officers.

Nitpickers GuideEdit

Plot OversightsEdit

  1. Starfleet towing the Stargazer to the nearest starbase. As shown in The Emissary, tractor beams can operate at warp speeds, thus allowing a warp drive equipped tug to deliver the Stargazer at Faster than light speeds.
  2. Apparently fast approval of the tow ship. Picard could have requested it as soon as the Stargazer arrived.
  3. Riker not using precision phaser fire or the prefix code to defeat the Picard Maneuver. The Stargazer has too many phasers to disable in one go, and the Ferengi could have found a way to prevent anyone using the prefix code, possibly by incorporating a jamming signal in the communication feeds.

Continuity/Production ProblemsEdit

  1. The ghost crew wearing Next Generation style uniforms, while Jack Crusher wore a movie era uniform, without undershirt - as seen in Yesterday's Enterprise - when he recorded the holomessage seen in Family. There is a six year gap between Jack recording the holomessage in 2349, and the loss of the Stargazer in 2355, which gives plenty of time for the introduction on a new style of uniform.

Movie MistakesEdit


  1. Riker refers to Bok as captain, when in fact the commanding officer on a Ferengi vessel is Daimon. True, but Daimon is the Ferengi equivalent of a Starfleet Captain. Corrected by Cubs Fan


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