The Best Laid Schemes
The Saint Episode F-01
The Best Laid Schemes

Simon with a ship in the background. [1]

Production Info
Director John Mokey
Story by Joseph Morhain
A. Sandford Wolfe
Screenplay by Joseph Morhain
A. Sandford Wolfe
Producer Robert S. Baker
Music Edwin Astley
Cinematography Michael Reed
Editor Bert Rule
Production Code
IMDB References tt0693505
Transmission Info
Season 6
Episode 1
Airdate 29 September 1968
Previous The Gadic Collection
Next Invitation to Danger


For several weeks after the body of her husband has been pulled from the sea, Arlene Fleming receives calls from the allegedly dead spouse and finds evidence to suggest that he is still alive. The doctor advises admittance to a sanatorium to prevent a nervous breakdown. The Saint discovers that the main beneficiary to Fleming's will is his nephew, Andrew, who seems to be very closely involved with his uncle's main business rival. The Saint tries to talk to the locals to find out how Fleming died but is greeted by general hostility until one of them tells the Saint she is convinced that Fleming was murdered.


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