The Convenient Monster
Original air date

4 November 1966



A man and a dog are both killed by the shores of Loch Ness by what would appear to have been the monster. Local author Noel Bastion and his wife Eleanor, a former big game hunter, agree to help the Saint keep watch in case the monster appears but the Saint comes upon a castle ruin with a cellar containing gas tanks and a huge club, and then somebody tries to kill him. Has somebody purposely created a false monster? And if so why?

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Revealing mistakesEdit

  • Simon's pint at the Glomach Hotel is impossibly drawn in seconds-flat by two pulls from the publican. This is because the bar pumps are merely dummies, and the pint is already ready out-of-shot to be handed to The Saint.It could have been partly drawn beforehand, and topped up before it was handed over.

The Saint Season 5
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