The Desperate Diplomat
Directed by

Ray Austin

Original air date

20 October 1968



Diplomat Jason Douglas has disappeared, along with a large sum of money, and sinister mystery man Walter Faber holds Sara, Douglas's daughter, hostage in exchange for news of the man's whereabouts. The Saint frees her and they track down her father, who tells them that the money is to be given to help a developing African country. Faber and his heavies catch up with them, threatening dire consequences if he does not get the money.

Errors and Explanations - IMDBEdit


  1. At the end of this TV movie, Simon Templar is chasing Walter Faber's car. Faber loses control and the car appears to turn over on the road. In the next scene, the car is now upright and is seen careering down a grassy embankment where it crashes at the bottom. The car could have righted itself when it left the road.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. At the very end, Jason Douglas is lying on a table close to death, with the top part of his body covered over. As Simon Templar enters the room, Sara Douglas tells Templar "he's dead". However, as the camera concentrates on the couple, it can be seen that Douglas's stomach area is still breathing.Sara could be mistaken - either that, or the stomach movement could be due to stomach gases.[1]


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