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Red Dwarf
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Airdate 15 February 1988
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Plot SummaryEdit

Liverpudlian caretaker Dave Lister is sentenced to 18-months in suspended animation for smuggling his pregnant cat Frankenstine on-board. But Dave awakes from Suspended animation, only to find he's been frozen for 3 million years and the crew have been wiped out in a radioactive disaster. Written by Daniel Williamson.[2]

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Crew or equipment visibleEdit

  1. When Lister says to Todhunter "Will stasis hurt?" a camera's shadow can be seen on the wall moving out of the shot. This could be a mobile CCTV camera.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. Lister's hand disappears just a second before he puts it through Rimmer. This could be a fault with the hologram projection system.

Movie MistakesEdit


  1. When George McIntye finishes his speech, he is standing. When the camera cuts back, he is sitting down. People do tend to sit down when they have finished making a speech.
  2. When Lister says his cigarette is a chicken, he looks at Rimmer. In the next shot he is looking at the cigarette again. He simply changed the position of his head.
  3. In the drive room when Lister says Rimmer is still a smeg head, one of his locks is over his right shoulder, then in the next shot, it has vanished. Likely went out of shot as Lister turned his head.
  4. When Lister goes into stasis, Toddhunter turns the wheel on the door to lock Lister in. In the next scene when Lister awakes from stasis, he just pushes the door open without turning the wheel to unlock it. Even if we are to assume that Holly would automatically open the door, the wheel should still turn to unlock the mechanism. Unless Holly turned the wheel before the shot started.
  5. During the round of applause for George McIntyre, Lister claps above his head. In the next shot, he is clapping with his arms in front of him. He could have lowered his arms while still clapping.

Revealing MistakesEdit

  1. When we first see the Cat just after he sees his shadow, the wall with 'storage locker' written on it wobbles. The company probably use cheap, self assembly lockers to save money.


  1. The whole business about putting people into stasis as a punishment makes no sense at all. What is punishing about being put in a status cubicle and then (in your perception) immediately stepping out when time is several months/years further on (but yourself no older)? Even if you weren't earning your salary during the stasis period, you had no expenses either. It's a no-fuss way of keeping troublemakers out of the way. You don't have to feed them, you don't have to guard them, they can't injure themselves, they can't shout and make noise. It may be less of a punishment, but it's a lot less hassle for the crew. Corrected by J I Cohen
  2. It's established that Rimmer's shift of technicians get useless, irrelevant jobs (such as repairing chicken soup machines) - so why would Rimmer have been trusted to repair a drive plate that, if not repaired properly, could (and in fact did) lead to the deaths of the whole crew? Perhaps it was too urgent to leave for another shift. If the ship was in danger, wouldn't you get the shift on duty to repair it pronto? Corrected by Andy Benham
  3. When Rimmer and Lister walk back into the teaching room after seeing the Cat for the first time, Lister bumps into the table that he was eating the piles of human ash from, but all the ash has disappeared. There may be more than one teaching room on the ship. This may be a similar room but not the one that Lister entered earlier in the episode.
  4. At the start of the episode when Toddhunter appears, Lister is holding his cigarette in his hand. When the camera cuts it has jumped to his ear. At the point in time where the cigarette apparently leaps to Lister's ear he actually places it there. When Toddhunter arrives on the scene, Lister screams "Yo Toddhunter" and thumps his foot. While this is going on you can see Lister place the cigarette in his ear.
  5. In the exam scene we see Rimmer slap his hand on the paper leaving a massive hand-print from the ink, yet when he stands up and salutes there isn't a sign of ink on his hand. Rimmer places his left hand on the paper. When he stands up and salutes he is using his clean right hand. We do not see his left hand again as he keeps it by his side. Corrected by Dwarf[3]


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