The Fellow Traveller
The Saint B-01
Production Info
Director Peter Yates
Story by Leslie Charteris
Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0693527
Transmission Info
Season 2
Episode 1
Airdate 19 September 1963
Previous Episode The Charitable Countess
Next Episode Starring the Saint


Henry Matson is shot dead as he explains to the Saint that he has been made to steal blueprints of satellites from the factory where he works, though the factory owner ultimately tells the Saint that he has no knowledge of the thefts. However, as the Saint is driving away from the factory someone tries to force him off the road. The trail leads to a club frequented by Matson, the Blue Goose, and the glamorous hostess Magda Vanoff who warns him to be careful. He is next contacted by a man called Vashetti who says he can offer the Saint information as to Matson's killer. In the Saint's hotel room he and the Saint have a glass of whiskey together, though the Saint is unaware that it has been poisoned.[1]

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