The Fiction Makers Part 1
Original air date

8 December 1968



The Saint is asked to act as a bodyguard to the best-selling adventure author Amos Klein and, to his surprise, discovers that Amos is a young woman who uses a male pen-name. They are both captured by a man called Warlock, who has a moll called Galaxy Rose - both names of characters in Klein's books - but they too expect Amos Klein to be a man and are easily fooled when the Saint tells them that he is Amos and the young lady is his secretary. Warlock wants 'Amos' to use 'his' novelist's imagination to break in to Hermetico, a former mine that has been converted into a stronghold for gold and other valuable materials. The Saint plays along but makes a break for it with the authoress. However, despite escaping from the grounds of their prison they are recaptured and told they will be killed unless they cooperate in the break-in.

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