The Inquisitor
Red Dwarf Episode E2
Production Info
Director Rd Bye
Story by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Teleplay by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Production Code
Transmission Info
Season 5
Episode 2
Airdate 27 February 1992
Guest Star(s)
Episode Production Order
Episode Transmission Order
Previous Holoship
Next Terrorform


The Inquistor, a cybernetic judge, jury and executioner travels through time, erasing worthless losers who have wasted their lives out of existence. The Red Dwarf crew are the next to be judge and it doesn't sound good for Lister and Kryten. Written by Daniel Williamson

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Plot holesEdit

  • At one point, Kryten asks Lister to remind him what he is supposed to say when he appears behind the Inquisitor. This should not be necessary, as Kryten's mechanoid memory can record and replay conversations. His memory could have become faulty over the 3 million years he was alone on the Nova 5.
  • After the Inquisitor surgically erases Kryten and Lister from history, they meet up with The Cat and Rimmer, who have forgotten them, due to the fact they technically no longer exist. The Cat, therefore, should not exist either, as he is the descendant of Frankenstein, the black cat that Lister smuggled aboard Red Dwarf before the radiation leak. If Lister no longer existed in history, the cat would not have been smuggled on board, and the Cat race would not exist. Frankenstein was most likely brought aboard by the replacement Lister in the new timeline.


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