The Last Outpost
Stardate(s) 41368.4 - 41368.5
Star Trek The Next Generation Episode
Title TLO

Episode title image, Showing the Enterprise-D and a Ferengi Marauder trapped in orbit of a planet.

Production Info
Director Richard A. Colla
Story by Richard Krzemien
Screenplay by Herbert Wright
Production Code 107
IMDB Ref tt0708804
Previous Episode Produced Where No One Has Gone Before
Next Episode Produced Lonely Among Us
Transmission Info
Season 1
Airdate 17 October 1987
Previous Episode Transmitted Code of Honor
Next Episode Transmitted Where No One Has Gone Before
Previous Where No One Has Gone Before
Next Lonely Among Us


Pursuing a Ferengi ship, the Enterprise-D is captured by the last outpost of the ancient Tkon Empire.[1]

Errors and Explanations - Nitpickers Guide[2]Edit

Plot OversightsEdit

  1. La Forge taking over Engineering due to the apparent absence of the chief engineer. The chief could have gone to check power systems in the rest of the ship.
  2. Yar responding to Data's 'Red, White and Blue' remark by asking what primary colours have to do with it, despite White not being a primary colour. White may not be a primary colour, but Red and Blue are.
  3. Data’s lack of response when Riker was calling out to the rest of the Away Team. This could be due to him concentrating on checking his surroundings.
  4. The Away Team not using their communicators and Tricorders after materializing on the surface. They could have been temporarily overloaded by the power drain, which is probably stronger on the surface.

Changed PremisesEdit

  1. This incident being the Federation's first look at the Ferengi. This episode contains the Federation’s first confirmed contact with the Ferengi.
  2. Non use of the swoop and duck motion after this incident. This motion only applies to use of the whip.

Equipment OdditiesEdit

  1. The Turbolift doors opening before La Forge reaches them. The computer registered Picard asking La Forge to report to engineering.

Continuity and Production ProblemsEdit

  1. The ships being lit from the left side of the screen, but the planet being lit from the right. There must be a second star in the system.

Internet Movie Database[3]Edit

Plot holesEdit

  1. The Enterprise is supposedly drained of energy, but its artificial gravity still works. As stated in Chapter 12 section 3 of The Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual (Gravity Generation) (page 144), the gravity system is designed to only require an occasional synchronising pulse from the power system once every sixty minutes, and can continue working in the event of total power loss for up to four hours.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. When Doctor Crusher says that they "...won't have to worry past 70 below...", Picard replies that "It feels like that now." One would expect that if it feels that cold, their breath would be visible. Just because it feels that cold compared to the usual temperature, it does not automatically mean that it is that cold.


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