The Man Trap
Stardate(s) 1513.1 - 1513.8
Star Trek The Original Series
Production Info
Director Marc Daniels
Story by George Clayton johnson
Screenplay by
Production Code #6
IMDB Ref tt0708469
Previous Episode Produced The Enemy Within
Next Episode Produced The Naked Time
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate 8 September 1966
Previous Episode Transmitted None
Next Episode Transmitted Charlie X
Previous The Enemy Within
Next The Naked Time

Plot SummaryEdit

Kirk and McCoy beam down to the planet M-113 to conduct a routine inspection and medical examination of archaeologist Dr. Robert Crater and his wife Nancy. For McCoy, seeing Nancy again will be a reunion with a long lost love. Crater isn't very happy to see them and Nancy appears to each man in a different form. She is in fact a shape-shifting creature who needs salt to survive. She kills three crewman on the planet and then takes on the appearance of one of them in order to beam up to the ship. There she continues her killing spree. - Written by garykmcd[1]

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Incorrectly regarded as goofsEdit

The "vampire" has lived without salt for a year, yet once prey shows up, it seems to desperately need salt every few minutes. (IMDB) It could be stocking up on salt supplies within its body just as a camel stocks up on water, or as humans and many animals store calcium and other rarer minerals into bone tissue.

Plot holesEdit

When the landing party is beamed up to the Enterprise, the transporter would have detected that crewman Green was an alien creature and not human.The creature could have used it's abilities to disguise it's internal physiology.

Nitpickers Guide for Classic TrekkersEdit

Plot OversightsEdit

  1. Darnell acting in such an undisciplined manner. He might not be able to resist the image projected by the creature.
  2. Darnell's failure to cry out when attacked. Maybe the creature managed to paralyse Darnell's vocal cords before he could cry out.

Equipment OdditiesEdit

  1. Kirk wanting to return to Enterprise, in order to use the ships sensors to scan for life signs, instead of McCoy doing it with his tricorder. The ship sensors are - presumably - more powerful than the tricorder.
  2. The ship's infra red sensors not detecting the body heat from the freshly murdered crewmembers. The creature may have the ability to reduce the body temperature of the victims as it attacks.


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