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The Persuaders! is an action-comedy series starring Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, produced by ITC Entertainment, and initially broadcast on ITV and ABC in 1971.


The Persuaders are two equally-matched men from different backgrounds who reluctantly team together to solve cases that the police and the courts cannot.


  • Episode 1: Overture - Original Air Date—17 September 1971
  • Episode 2: The Gold Napoleon - Original Air Date—24 September 1971
  • Episode 3: Take Seven - Original Air Date—1 October 1971
  • Episode 4: Greensleeves - Original Air Date—8 October 1971
  • Episode 5: Powerswitch - Original Air Date—15 October 1971
  • Episode 6: The Time and the Place - Original Air Date—22 October 1971
  • Episode 7: Someone Like Me - Original Air Date—29 October 1971
  • Episode 8: Anyone Can Play - Original Air Date—5 November 1971
  • Episode 9: The Old, the New, and the Deadly - Original Air Date—12 November 1971
  • Episode 10: Angie... Angie - Original Air Date—19 November 1971
  • Episode 11: Chain of Events - Original Air Date—26 November 1971
  • Episode 12: That's Me Over There - Original Air Date—3 December 1971
  • Episode 13: The Long Goodbye - Original Air Date—10 December 1971
  • Episode 14: The Man in the Middle - Original Air Date—17 December 1971
  • Episode 15: Element of Risk - Original Air Date—24 December 1971
  • Episode 16: A Home of One's Own - Original Air Date—31 December 1971
  • Episode 17: Five Miles to Midnight - Original Air Date—7 January 1972
  • Episode 18: Nuisance Value - Original Air Date—14 January 1972
  • Episode 19: The Morning After - Original Air Date—21 January 1972
  • Episode 20: Read and Destroy - Original Air Date—28 January 1972
  • Episode 21: A Death in the Family - Original Air Date—4 February 1972
  • Episode 22: The Ozerov Inheritance - Original Air Date—11 February 1972
  • Episode 23: To the Death, Baby - Original Air Date—18 February 1972
  • Episode 24: Someone Waiting - Original Air Date—25 February 1972

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Errors and Explanations[]


  • The Gold Napoleon
    • Continuity
  1. When Wilde escapes from the villains he is wearing a beret but in the next shot the beret has completely disappeared. He may have removed it.
  2. The license plate on Sinclair's car reads PPP6H but in the preceding episode it is BS1. He could have arranged for the change of registration.
  • Take Seven
    • Continuity
  1. As Danny and Brett leave Conron's office, Danny puts his arm into the crook of Brett;s. "Why wait until now?" asks Danny, and the shot changes. They're now not linking arms. They advance to the car and the shot changes again. They're now further apart still. Brett probably pulled his arm away, and then moved off.
  • Greensleeves
    • Character error
  1. The pub landlord warns Daniel that the fourth rung from the bottom of the ladder leading to the cellar is missing. However, when Daniel is seen getting to his feet after having 'fallen', the rung in question can clearly be seen in place. It could have been fixed without his knowledge.
  • Angie... Angie
    • Continuity
  1. When they are playing snooker, Angie pots one red ball, leaving at least 3 more reds, before potting the green. He then proceeds to pot all the colours without potting the remaining reds or taking the green out of the pocket to return it to the table. He may not be familiar with the rules of snooker.