The Prisoner intro Patrick Mcgoohan 60s

The Prisoner intro Patrick Mcgoohan 60s



A high-ranking but un-named Agent in the British Government resigns from his job/post and leaves for a holiday. While packing he is gassed and is taken to a beautiful but deadly prison known only as "The Village" where people are taken, given a Number to be called by and kept there for the rest of their lives if they don't tell No. 2 (the deputy head of "The Village") the information they are captured for. Escape is nearly impossible as "The Village" has amazing but deadly weapons to use if anybody tries to escape. The Agent is given the title of "No. 6" but he adopts the name of "The Prisoner". The series tells of his attempts to resist the plots of each No. 2 (who is replaced with another if an attempt on No. 6 fails) to get his information and against any attempt to disrupt the nearly peaceful running of the "The Village". The Village is determined to crack The Prisoner by attempting to get the answer to why he resigned from his job/post. As time goes on, two questions plague The Prisoner's mind - How can he escape and who is the real leader of the Village - the mysterious No. 1?. Written by Lee Horton <>

Errors and Explanations across The Whole SeriesEdit

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  • There is inconsistency about the location of the village, and whether it is on an island or not, perhaps deliberately: according to The Chimes of Big Ben it is located in the vicinity of Lithuania and Poland, on the Baltic Sea; according to Many Happy Returns it is on the coast of Morocco or southern Portugal, possibly an island; it is implied in Fall Out that the village is in England near London, in Kent county. Obviously a deliberate ploy to prevent Number 6 from escaping.

Errors in geographyEdit

  1. It was not always possible to mask the existence of civilization near Portmeirion, Wales, where much of the series was filmed. In several episodes neighbouring towns and farms can be glimpsed. However, it should be noted the exact size of The Village is never specifically indicated, and there are numerous episodes that indicate it is significantly larger than the core settlement. Occasionally the Welsh flag can just about be glimpsed on the Village flag pole too. This could be a ploy to confuse Number 6.

Movie MistakesEdit


  1. In both the opening and closing sequences, as well as in footage used throughout the series, "Rover" leaves the ocean floor as a transparent sphere, but arrives on the surface coloured his usual opaque white. Submitted by Jean G This could be a deliberate camouflage feature.


  • During the opening credits, when he has resigned, a typewriter is seen to repeatedly put a letter onto the platen. In the next shot, a series of Xs are placed over the Prisoner's picture. The key that is repeatedly pressed is H. (The X key would have come from somewhere near the left of the picture of the keys, not the middle.). Although it is suggested, it is never confirmed that the key is typing out the x's across the card. There are dozens of 3's and other letters and numbers all over the card, and there may even be some on the other side. The point is, we can't tell what the H key is typing because we never see both in action and the letter being typed at the same time (plus, there's been quick cutting throughout the intro, so it is possible it appears here as well).


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