The Saint Steps In
Original air date

13 November 1964



The Saint is approached by yet another damsel in distress, this time Madeline Gray who tells him that her father has invented a chemical called Process G, which she believes his business associate Hobart Quennel is out to steal. Quennel explains that the invention is worthless but the Saint is unconvinced particularly when Gray disappears and later Madeline is herself kidnapped, both by Quennel. With the help of Quennel's daughter the Saint goes to his house where he forces Quennel, at gunpoint, to admit that if Process G is manufactured he will be ruined. But one of Quennel's henchmen attacks the Saint, knocking him unconscious, and he comes to in a cellar, tied up along with the Grays. He is told that he must persuade Gray to let Quennel have the formula for his process or they will all die.

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