The Alien in the forest

The Alien in the forest. [1]

The Square Triangle
Directed by

David Lane

Original air date

9 December 1970


Liz Newton and her lover Cass are planning the murder of Liz's husband Jack. A UFO craft lands near to her remote woodland cottage and an alien gets out to explore the surroundings. Believing the alien to be Jack, Liz and Cass shoot and kill it. Straker arrives in search of the alien and takes the couple away for questioning.[2]


Internet Movie DatabaseEdit


  • After being ordered not to engage the UFO, the Interceptors back off. But, all three do not have their missiles attached, whereas in a previous scene they did have them. So, if ordered to not engage, what happened to their missiles?
    • They may have been fired before the Do Not Engage order reached them.


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