The Unquiet Dead
Directed by

Euros Lyn

Original air date

9 April 2005



Rose takes her first trip back in time and she and the Doctor travel to 1869 London. They take in a reading from none other than Charles Dickens but in the middle of the performance, a zombie-like creature interrupts the performance and there is a ghostly apparition. Rose is kidnapped and taken to the home of an undertaker where alien creatures are living in the gas lighting system and taken possession of the dead. Rose manages to get information from Gwyneth, the parlor maid, that points to her as the central point of contact for the alien beings. Written by garykmcd


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  • Dickens uses the phrase "On with the motley." which is anachronistically incorrect. The phrase translates from "vesti la giubba", a line of dialogue from the opera 'I Pagliacci'. The opera wasn't written until 1892, and wasn't translated into English until 1902 (by Enrico Caruso). The phrase could have been use years before it was included in the opera.


  • When The Doctor and Rose first land, he tells her the date is Dec. 24, 1860. Later in Charles Dickens' dressing room there is a poster listing the date as Dec. 24, 1869. The Doctor was aiming for 1860, and didn't realise they were in 1869 until after he and Rose had left the TARDIS.

Movie MistakesEdit


  • When Rose is having a friendly chat with Gwyneth, just before the Doctor walks in the room, a crew member's shoulder and arm is visible in the bottom left of the screen. That's the Doctor's shoulder and arm. The material of the clothing is the same as his jacket, and he's standing the same distance away from Rose and Gwyneth.
  • The Doctor advises Rose to change her clothes as to be less conspicuous in the 1860's, yet he himself did not change his clothing. He states he changed his jumper, however, it has been widely stated that he simply 'blends in.'
  • Charles Dickens says he is going off to catch a mail coach ("Quite literally 'Post Haste'" is the line). However, mail coaches ceased to be in regular use some 40 years earlier in the 1830s, killed off by the arrival of the railway network. He could be using slang. Mail coach = Mail train.


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