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Having narrowly averted a major disaster on an oil rig, the Thunderbirds have just returned home to their secret base when TB5, their space based station, is critically damaged in a suspected meteor strike. Unbeknown to them, the attack on TB5 is a deliberate ploy by international master criminal Aristotle Spode to get them off the island. He takes over the island and forces Brains into submission, using the power of his mind. But Spode has overlooked one key factor: Alan, Fermat and Tin Tin are still on the island. Written byBrian Sloan.[1]

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  • The hover bike the kids find in the scrap yard is an exact "real life" copy of a model used in the original TV series in at least one or two episodes. No they are not. They are very different to the one's used in the TV series.
  • When the Hood is arrested by the police, surely it is ridiculous that he is still powerless. He should have recovered by that point and be able to escape easily using his powers. Under normal circumstances, the Hood would have recovered quickly. On this occasion, though, the Hood had used his powers quite heavily and would therefor be fairly weak (he would have also been weakened further by his telepathic battle with his niece, Tintin). Therefore, it would take him a lot longer than usual to recover his full strength & power.
  • Soon after Alan returns to Tracy Island from school, Jeff says to him 'Why aren't you wearing your retainers?' Retainers are teeth braces that can easily be removed and put in by hand. If this is the case, then why does it hurt Alan so much for them to be removed later in the movie? It's not mentioned how long Alan has had his retainers. For all we know, they could be brand new, and still very uncomfortable for Alan to wear. Anyone who has worn any type of brace, or retainer, will know that they are very uncomfortable to put in and remove at first.
  • When the Hood and his henchmen enter Thunderbird 2 to go to London, the black man says 'ETA under an hour'. This is impossible seeing as Thunderbird 2 can travel 5000mph maximum and it is far more then 5000 miles from Tracy Island to London. Nowhere in the film is it stated that Thunderbird 2 has a maximum speed of 5000mph.
  • The hover-sled the kids use must have throttle pedals on either side of the footboards. When they first use it, Alan uses his left foot to set off, later he uses his right foot. As the submitter himself/herself says, the sleds have pedals on both sides. Not a mistake, but an unusual design feature. Corrected by Twotall
  • Shortly after Lady Penelope, Parker, Alan and Fermat arrive on Tracy Island, Jeff asks where Lady P is and she is by the pool. Her phone rings and she answers it immediately saying "Parker" when in fact her name is Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Parker is her Butler. Lady Penelope looked at her phone and saw it was Parker calling - she says "Parker" as a greeting.
  • When TB3 docks with TB5, one of the crew says TB3 has lost a booster. They return to Earth with TB3, but when they land in London, all 3 boosters are working, yet no-one fixed them. The 3rd booster is in fact off. You can clearly see the 2 light up while the 3rd one is dark. Corrected by Andrew Quattropani
  • Just after Jeff and the boys land in London after escaping Thunderbird 5, there is a modern day Vauxhall Omega sat in the background. This film is set in 2065 (from the promotional material). I doubt the police would be using a 50-year old car in their time. The movie is actually set in 2010, according to the trailers, which ought to take precedence over the promotional material.[2]


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