Directed by

Cyril Frankel

Original air date

17 February 1971



Cmdr Ed Straker and Col Virginia Lake disappear and are discovered unconscious next to a dead body of a Shado operative (Turner). Col Foster and co then try to understand what has happened. From here on the story is largely told in flashback. Straker and Lake observe a UFO which they follow but then seems to 'buzz' them. They radio for help but are unable to contact SHADO HQ. After racing back they discover the base and surrounding area are frozen in time and space.


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Plot holesEdit

  1. It is not totally clear if time stands still or everything physical is frozen in space. Either way it should not be possible for a VDU (in the command center) to project a picture, this requires an electron scan to take place and light photons emitted. Perhaps time isn't frozen, but moving very slowly (as seen in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Timescape).


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