The crew discover the pristine,empty spaceship Trojan and use it to travel to the aid of Columbus III,to answer a distress call from Rimmer's brother Howard,who used to bully him. However Rimmer is too proud to help until he can equal Howard in rank and become an officer. He thus has fifteen hours to sit the Astro-Nav promotion exam which he has failed on ten previous occasions. The others work out that Rimmer's head is too full of past resentment to clear a space for exam data but when the Trojan eventually rides to the rescue Rimmer discovers that Howard is not what he claims to be. Written by don @ minifie-1 [1]

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Rimmer's brother gives out a distress call because the ship is heading for a meteor shower and that they need help, yet when his brother and Sim Crawford are teleported aboard, neither character cares from that point on, about their ship. Perhaps it had too much wear and tear.[1]


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