A villain called Hellingworth uses medium Cecil Purley to prove that Marty is indeed a ghost and, posing as an insurance salesman, approaches Jeff for alleged help with robberies in the knowledge that Marty will eavesdrop on the gang and report back to Jeff. This happens but Marty is being used purely as a decoy whilst the gang rob other venues. Eventually Hellingworth decides to get rid of Marty and calls Purley in to exorcise him. For once it is Jeff rushing against time to save Marty rather than the reverse.[1]

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  1. Marty's grave is relocated in this episode (and later, in Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave). It no longer seen lying on the Elstree Studios backlot (as depicted in My Late Lamented Friend and Partner and The Smile Behind the Veil), but in a more densely populated cemetery (in reality at New Southgate Cemetery, Brunswick Park Road),the appearance of which is quite markedly different from the original location. this could be due to extra burials in that part of the cemetary.
  2. In the scene where Jeff explains to Marty about the house where "Slinky" is known to plot his robberies. Jeff holds the photograph firmly with the left hand and lightly with the thumb and index finger of his right in the two-shot. However, the second unit close-up pick up shot (most likely with Harry 'Aitch' Fielder doubling for Jeff), shows all four fingers of the left hand holding the photo. He could have adjusted the way he held the photo.[2]


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