World War Three
Story date(s)
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Director Keith Boak
Story by
Screenplay by Russell T. Davies
Producer Phil Collinson
Music Murray Gold
Cinematography Ernest Vincze (as Ernie Vincze)
Editor Mike Jones
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IMDB Ref tt0563003
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Now locked in the reinforced Cabinet Room, the Doctor and Rose finally learn of the Slitheen's intentions. Having locked themselves in however, how they will manage to stop them becomes a major issue. While trying to keep the aliens at bay, the Doctor works against the clock to destroy them the only way he knows how - to blow up 10 Downing Street. To so however, Rose's boyfriend Mickey will have to hack into a submarine's computer and launch a missile. Written by garykmcd[1]

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  1. The reference to the UK needing special "secret launch codes" from the UN is a compete fiction. The UK could launch a nuclear strike without needing permission from the UN. They probably wanted to give their actions the appearance of legitimacy.
  2. Mickey fires a UGM-84 missile at 10 Downing Street at the Doctor's instructions. The UGM-84 Harpoon is an anti-ship missile and not a land-attack missile. A variant of the Harpoon has been designed as a Land Attack Missile (SLAM) but is not in service with the Royal Navy. The Doctor obviously decided to improvise by using the only weapon that could do the job in the limited time available.


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